Alyssa Rousseau
Occupational Therapist
  • B.S. in Nutrition Science - University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Doctor of Occupational Therapy - Creighton University

Alyssa Rousseau has been a member of the ESU staff since 2019.  Alyssa is an occupational therapist who works with students aged 3-21 years who have difficulties with attention, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory processing, self-regulation, and fine motor skills such as handwriting.  She works in the Fairbury and Meridian school districts, helping students to engage as well as they can in the classroom setting via modifications to the school environment, skill development within the students, and collaboration with teachers and staff.  Alyssa is especially interested in sensory processing and its impact on school participation.  When not working, Alyssa enjoys gardening, playing board games, baking, and going on road trips.  She also enjoys acting as a mentor to youth and young adults through her participation in the TeamMates mentoring program, her church's youth group, and being a house parent alongside her husband at a fraternity in Lincoln.