ESU 5 Brings eduCLIMBER to Districts

Great things are happening across ESU 5! Thanks to the support of ESU 5 and our School Climate Transformation Grant, all of the districts in the ESU 5 service area have begun initial onboarding of a data visualization system to help support their Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) work. With this data visualization system, districts can look at all of their student data in one platform making the problem-solving process for student-level, school-level, and district-level data so much easier. ESU 5 is committed to strengthening MTSS with our partnering districts and are excited for this opportunity. 

Illuminate Education describes eduCLIMBER as an interactive whole child data collaboration and management system that supports essential MTSS processes, including student need identification and intervention effectiveness. From individual insights to district-level patterns, eduCLIMBER makes equitable support for each and every student a reality. Benefits include:

  • Streamline your MTSS practices with easy-to-use custom thresholds, interactive data visualizations, and collaboration tools.
  • Improve student achievement by evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of interventions across schools and districts.
  • Save time and effort with a single platform to aggregate, visualize and share data at the student, class, school, and district levels.


The ESU will work closely with districts throughout the implementation process and beyond including future training needs and in-district support.

“The teachers and administration at Diller-Odell are committed to utilizing data to drive decision making in our district.   eduCLIMBER's easily accessible data will allow opportunities for timely data analysis.  It is exciting to add eduCLIMBER to our data tools! “

Amy Coufal

Curriculum, Assessment and Technology Coordinator

Diller-Odell Public Schools


Please contact Regina Oliver ( if you have any questions.

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