ESU 5 Makerspace Outreach

HS Student working on Cricut Creation
MS Student showing off his 3D Printer Pen Creation
Upper Elementary Students Engaged with a Minecraft Building Challenge
Lower Elementary Students Coding with Ozobots

This year Dr. Nick Ziegler is at Meridian Public Schools every Monday to develop and implement a Makerspace curriculum for students in grades K-8. 

While most of our districts are doing well engaging students with low tech / no tech Makerspace experiences (example: straw bridge building challenges), we sometimes struggle with the higher tech experiences. 

The purpose of ESU 5's Makerspace outreach is to help establish those higher technology-enhanced Makerspace activities, either tied directly to classroom instruction or as standalone Media Center Makerspace experiences. 

Activities are designed to take students roughly 30 minutes to complete:

  • Coding with Ozobots, MicroBits, Circuit Playgrounds
  • Robotics with Parrot Drones, mBots
  • Computer Assisted Drafting Fundamentals with 3D Printer Pens, 3D Printers, Cricut Machines, Minecraft
  • Video Game Design with Bloxels
  • Electronics with Snap Circuits, Valentines Day Cards
  • Force with ESU 5 PinBall Machine & ESU 5 Wooly Willy Table

The Buzz at Meridian around Makerspace in K-8 this year has overspilled into 9-12 as well. High School students have created Holiday Ornaments using 3D printer pens, vinyl stickers using the Cricut machine, and multiple projects on a 3D printer.


The desire is to pilot these experiences this year in Meridian and expand access to them next year across all our districts. For more information, contact Nick at

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