ESU 5 Sponsors 2nd Annual Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl

ESU 5 once again hosted the now annual Quiz Bowl competition.  Our thanks to Kristy Lukert from Thayer Central Community Schools for organizing these events and to the Hebron SCC Learning Center for hosting us!

Quiz Bowl Results

Elementary Champion: Fairbury A

Members: Memphis Brown, Aubrie Hynek, Reid Novotny, Alexis Blobaum, Lianna Wallin

Coach: Nicole Comer

Elementary Champions


Runner-Up: Bruning Davenport

Coach: Rick Ault


Junior High Quiz Bowl Results

Jr High Champions: Freeman A

Members: True Jurgens, Case Richardson, Keston Krupicka, Sam Troxel, Ben Ruyle                                           

Coach: Ashley Schlake

Jr High Champions


Runner-Up: Meridian

Coach: Lisa Hermsmeier 

High School Quiz Bowl Results

HS Champions: Freeman A

Members: Tandon Buhr, Alex Podtburg, Thies Richardson, Grace VanEngen                                             

Coach: Danielle Fulcher

High School Champions


Runner-Up: Southern A

Members: Ryan Pralle, Evan Hopkins and Joe Wach, Olive Sabey-Vogele, Shelby March and Kale Maguire                                      

Coach: Jeff Tunick

High School Runner Up


The Champion and Runner-up High School teams will now go on to Hastings on April 27th to represent the ESU 5 Region in the State Quiz Bowl competition.  Good luck to both teams!

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