ESU 5’s Speech-Language Pathologists Embark on New Evaluation Process

In September, ESU 5 Speech-Language Pathologists embarked on a new journey to transition our evaluation procedures from the traditional paper and pencil process to a new digital system through the Q-Interactive program.

Q-interactive is a comprehensive digital system that can be used to administer and score a variety of speech and language assessments.

Using two iPads and an app called Assess, we are able to evaluate students in a new more “user friendly” style.  With the electronic system, speech samples are recorded so we can then analyze the students’ speech and language usage. It also scores and provides written reports that can be used independently or embedded into other reports.

After using the program for the majority of the 2022-2023 school year, and working out the kinks that always accompany any new task, we have found several benefits and useful components of the new system.  The following are just a few of the exciting things we’re finding:

  • Generated reports save time for therapists.  
  • Less time preparing and scoring paper protocols
  • More efficient testing process
  • Saves paper and materials
  • Students enjoy using technology through the evaluation process
  • Eliminates possibility of errors with scoring
  • Saves room-less materials to store
  • Easy accessibility to both English and Spanish version of assessments
Q-interactive services
Mandy Smidt, M.S./ CC-SLP, works with a student using the Q-interactive program.


I am so grateful that the ESU had so many specialists to work with my son, because now I know what to do to help my child with autism. The speech pathologist and occupational therapist from the ESU have allowed him to gain more than I ever expected him to. I don’t know what I would have done without them.
The best part of working at ESU 5 is the people I work with!
ESU 5 Staff Member
ESU 5 is a wonderful place to work! My co-workers are helpful, friendly and supportive.
ESU 5 Staff Member