Home Visitations for Early Intervention

On November 8th and 9th ESU 5’s Early Childhood program hosted a training on Home Visitations for Early Intervention.  Thirty participants from our ESU staff, area district staff, the Early Development Network, Millard Public Schools and Omaha Public Schools completed the 12 hour training.  Over the past 10+ years, with renewed extra focus the past 3 years, the ESU 5 area Early Intervention providers and services coordinators have worked extra hard to become trained to and maintain fidelity on the researched based best practices in providing Early Intervention services.  Nebraska is the national leader in providing High Quality Early Intervention Services.  Our state, including ESU 5 area EI providers, have been identified as the best of the best in addressing the needs of the earliest learners.  Some of ESU 5’s area EI providers have had their fidelity videos used in trainings across Nebraska.

You might be asking yourself, what is Home Visitation and why does it matter?

The Early Development Network in Nebraska has a 3 prong approach to delivering high quality Early Intervention Services: 1) The Routines Based Interview, 2) Functional IFSP Outcomes, 3) Routines-Based Home Visitation. The routines based home visitation training that our team just participated in gave us the tools needed to have: child and parent-focused intervention, strengthened relationships between parents and professionals and it is used to build parent competencies for enhancing parent-child interactions. It gave us the "curriculum of the home" to base EI services on. Our providers are required to provide 2 videos that will be reviewed by Early Development Network to ensure we meet fidelity and will be required to submit annual videos to ensure they maintain fidelity.  This is on top of their annual video submission of them completing the Routines Based Interview for fidelity review.

Home visit

While only a small percentage of many of our Early Intervention providers' caseloads are birth to three year olds, they are required to participate in much more training and demonstrate fidelity to best practices than the rest of the 3 to 21 year olds caseload. Congrats to them on completing this training!

Harms-Meints, Jesse
We are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of baby Meints-Harms!

Jesse’s maternity leave coverage will be completed by another Jessie.  Jessie James will be in and around the ESU the next few months preparing for and covering Jesse’s leave.  Please help Jessie (I call her Jessie with an i) feel welcomed when you see her.

One final note, Jesse had one of her families she works with be chosen as the faces of the 30th anniversary announcement of EDN services!

30th Anniversary of the Nebraska Early Development Network

Article written by Sarah Roesler, Early Childhood Coordinator

I am so grateful that the ESU had so many specialists to work with my son, because now I know what to do to help my child with autism. The speech pathologist and occupational therapist from the ESU have allowed him to gain more than I ever expected him to. I don’t know what I would have done without them.
The best part of working at ESU 5 is the people I work with!
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ESU 5 is a wonderful place to work! My co-workers are helpful, friendly and supportive.
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