New Perkins Equipment Arrives at ESU 5

It has been like Christmas at the ESU recently as some of our new Perkins Career Exploration equipment has arrived!!!  In our Perkins grant we have written in equipment to help districts either add additional classes to complete a program of study, or equipment that will help with career exploration in areas that students would not otherwise be able to explore.

Arriving recently is Zspace!  This system will help students explore Automotive, Dental, Industrial Robotics, HVAC, Electrical Control and Advanced Manufacturing within an augmented reality setting.  Students can utilize the system on their own, or with a partner or teachers can utilize the device as an instructional tool that all students can follow along with.  Freeman has agreed to pilot one of the systems (a pilot is written into our grant).  The other system will be available for check out soon.  The picture shows the augmented reality system in use as students would see it when utilized as an instructional tool by the teacher.  The second picture shows Travis Andreason from Freeman going through the training available with the system.

Please let Matt Dworak know if you are interested in utilizing the ZSpace.


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