Southern Public Schools uses ESU 5's EKCO program for fundraiser

Southern Public Schools received a large printer through the EKCO (Exposing Kids to Career Opportunities) program at  EUS 5 to use in our school’s back in March.  However, with the COVID shut down, we were  unable to use it until this last month. Southern’s Digital Media class decided that they would use the printer to create big heads (cardboard cutouts) for their home basketball games.  This idea came about because of the limited amount of fans that are able to attend the games in person.  We decided it would be fun to create these to show support of the Basketball teams and raise money for our class to purchase new technology.  

The Digital Media students came up with the “business plan” all on their own.  They decided how much to charge, what size that they should be, and how we were going to put it together.  The students worked with the program on the computer that is hooked up to the printer.  They figured out the dimensions of the cutouts and how to manipulate the picture on the program to print out the big head cutouts. The students do all the tracing, cutting out the cardboard, gluing, and designing the support for the big heads. They are also the ones who set them up for the game and take them down. 

This project has given our students a chance to problem solve, create, and use technology for a real-world project.  The Big Head Fundraiser has also given our students something to look forward to during this stressful time.  So much has changed because of COVID and students have had to deal with many new rules and regulations for all their school activities.  It has been so nice to see the excitement in students eyes and the joy of creating something for their school! 

The news of our fundraiser has been well received.  We have had a lot of support from the staff, parents, and the community.  In fact, we have even had an elderly couple buy one for their house as a Christmas gift and to support our students.  This idea has reached other schools in our county and even a school in Shenandoah, Iowa.  These schools have reached out to us and asked all about the fundraiser and if they could borrow our idea.  Having these schools reach out to us has been so wonderful.  Southern students are so excited and proud to share their ideas with others.  They are taking pride in their work, ideas, and their school. 

We will continue this fundraiser until the basketball season is over or until the printer has to be moved. 

Southern's Big Head Fundraiser 2020

*If you are interested in equipment that can be checked out through the ESU 5 EKCO Program please contact Annette Weise - or Matt Dworak for more information.

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