Staying Cyber Strong

The ESU 5 Tech Department has been busy this school year with keeping technology running smoothly throughout all 10 ESU 5 schools.  The tech team now contracts to support all districts with on site support as well as remote help when issues arise.  With the increased number of devices connecting to the Internet, the need for more Cybersecurity measures has increased as well.

As easy as it seems to grab a device, connect to the wifi and start browsing, there is a lot of configuration and monitoring that goes on behind the scenes to keep users safe online in the ESU 5 districts. Every day hundreds of suspicious or malicious users and websites are either trying to attack district devices or steal information to hold for a monetary ransom. Over the past 2 months alone, the ESU 5 aggregation Firewall has monitored and blocked over 54,000 anomalies. Many of these attempted connections come from outside the United States where malicious actors are trying to gain access to systems and information.

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Top 3 things to help keep you safe online:
  1. Be mindful of what you click or download.  Hover over links before clicking to see if a website is trying to redirect you to another location which could be malicious.
  2.  Use strong and unique passwords for online accounts. Complex passwords at least 12 characters long with numbers, letters and special characters are ideal.  A password manager is a great tool to help keep track of these.
  3. Make online purchases from secure sites only.  Look for https:// instead of http:// in the URL.  The S stands for secure which means your data is being encrypted when transmitted. This may also be marked by a padlock icon next to the address bar.


Written by Ryan McDowell, ESU 5 IT Director

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