Welcome New ESU 5 Staff Members

Welcome new staff

As we start the 2019-2020 school year, we would like to welcome our new Staff members to ESU 5.

Kelly Garcia with Horse

Spanish Teacher | Curriculum Development

Kelly is a Spanish teacher who works with students to show them how wonderful language learning can be. Kelly is particularly interested in Comprehensible Input and creating engaging presentations for conferences.

FUN FACT:  I lived in Mexico and taught English for 5 years.....and I'm a licensed minister. 

Courtney Schendt Fishing

School Psychologist Intern

Courtney is a School Psychologist Intern who works with families, students, admin, teachers, and school staff to problem solve concerns regarding academics, behavior, social-emotional, and more. Courtney is particularly interested in behavior.

FUN FACT:  She posts more pictures of her holding a fishing pole than her actually with a fish (doesn't catch fish often).

Danielle Schwab

Services Coordinator

Danielle is a Services Coordinator who will be helping to identify, refer, and coordinate needed services and assistance for families with children ages 0-3 with a verified disability.  She is looking forward to using her previous early childhood coaching and trainer experience to help foster communication and build relationships between the team and the family as well as help to empower the families’ advocacy skills.  She is particularly interested in growing her own early childhood knowledge and experience in the field of Special Education.

FUN FACT:  She met her husband (from Plymouth, NE) while they were both studying Spanish abroad in Puerto Rico in 1999.  She moved to NE and they married in 2000. - Confession: He had to draw her a map of where NE was with McDonald’s french fries.


Mental Health Practitioner

Kelsey is a Mental Health Practitioner who works with children, adolescents and families to promote mental health awareness and enhance the lives of students.  Kelsey is particularly interested in teaching students on the importance of self-care, positive influence, and healthy cognitions.

FUN FACT:  Burritos and mashed potatoes are my all time favorite/comfort food.

Erin Criner

Speech Language Pathologist

Erin is a Speech-Language Pathologist who works with the birth to three population and school aged children to improve their speech and language skills.  Erin is particularly interested in speech and language disorders with children in the school-aged population and increasing young students’ ability to independently communicate.

FUN FACT:  Erin and her husband had their first child in August; her name is Ember.

Alyssa Rousseau

Occupational Therapist

Alyssa is an occupational therapist who works with students aged 3-21 years who have difficulties with attention, visual motor skills, visual perceptual skills, sensory processing, self-regulation, and fine motor skills such as handwriting.  She works in the Fairbury and Meridian school districts, helping students to engage as well as they can in the classroom setting via modifications to the school environment, skill development within the students, and collaboration with teachers and staff.  Alyssa is especially interested in sensory processing and its impact on school participation.  

FUN FACT:  Alyssa and her Husband are house parents at a fraternity in Lincoln, they have two cats and she loves to garden.

I am so grateful that the ESU had so many specialists to work with my son, because now I know what to do to help my child with autism. The speech pathologist and occupational therapist from the ESU have allowed him to gain more than I ever expected him to. I don’t know what I would have done without them.
The best part of working at ESU 5 is the people I work with!
ESU 5 Staff Member
ESU 5 is a wonderful place to work! My co-workers are helpful, friendly and supportive.
ESU 5 Staff Member