Cole Stark, MA, LIMHP
  • Masters of Arts in Counseling- Doane College 

Cole Stark has been a member of the ESU staff since 2018.  Cole is a psychotherapist working directly with staff and students in a variety of roles to support the mental health and well being of schools as a whole.  Cole works directly with students in a one-on-one setting, as well as providing a positive and supportive figure for all students. Cole also works with school staff, providing training and consultations to improve understanding of student needs and delivery of educational services that support mental and emotional well being.  Cole is particularly interested in the current stressors that students experience in their day to day lives and helping to prepare them to become stronger, more confident, and assertive individuals.

When not working, Cole enjoys spending time in the outdoors whether that be camping, hunting, fishing, kayaking or helping on his in-law's cattle ranch.  Cole also enjoys home improvement projects, cooking, and woodworking. Cole and his wife Allison have two young children and spend much of their time active in sports and activities.

Communication | Adaptability | Empathy | Harmony | Input