Justin Johnson
Occupational Therapist

I have been working for ESU 5 since August 2001.  An Occupational Therapist (OTR/L) works with individuals to identify and treat physical, psychological and social/emotional difficulties through meaningful activities.  As an educationally based Occupational Therapist for ESU 5, I work with individuals ranging from birth to 21 years, focusing specifically on fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual and sensory integration skills.  Through play-based and activity-based programs, we work to assist learners and their parents to achieve success in areas with which they struggle, through meaningful tasks and activities.  The ultimate goal for me as a therapist is to aide others in achieving their highest level of independence, with both mind and body.  I graduated from Creighton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy - Magna Cum Laude.  

I have been married to my wife Maggie for 11 years and we have been blessed with two healthy children.  David, 7, is a second grader at Thayer Central, and Nellie, 4, is a preschooler at Thayer Central.  Maggie works as a Physician Assistant (PA-C) at Thayer Central Health Services in Hebron, NE, and I work in multiple school districts throughout Thayer and Jefferson counties.  

Our family prides itself in spending as much time as possible with each other, with most weekends filled with extended family activities.  Maggie and I began building our log home one month after we were married and have performed nearly all of the labor (with the help of family).  If I am not planting trees or building new accommodations for our ever-growing heard of animals (chickens, ducks, dog, cat and soon horses) on our acreage, I am usually at a fire or rescue call, as I am the Assistant Chief of Hebron Fire and Rescue.  I also work as a part-time State Fire Marshall, specifically training others in rescue, extrication and fire suppression.  When time permits, I enjoy flying (finishing my private pilot's license) and all things mechanical (with many started, but no completed muscle car restorations).  I have yet to find a hobby that I don't enjoy and recently Maggie and I began scuba dive/rescue training.  I personally feel that everyday is a gift and each of us should enjoy, appreciate and live it to the fullest!  Everyday, every chance we get, we should let others know how much we truly appreciate them and their unique talents.

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