Lisa Richardson
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Educator
  • M.A. Speech-Language Pathology - Fort Hays State University - Hays, Kansas 1997
  • M.A. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educator - University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE 2018

Lisa started working for the ESU in August 2008. During her years as a speech-language pathologist, she worked with individuals of all ages who have had a combination of hearing, language, and speech related concerns at the rehabilitation, private practice, nursing home, home health, and school settings. The opportunity to learn more about hearing loss and how it impacts education has been very valuable to her as a deaf educator. She will continue to learn so that she can provide the best communication accessibility for  students with hearing, speech and language needs.

Lisa lives in Chester and has been married for several years. Lisa has two daughters, both in college.  Her hobbies include sewing, reading, and golfing. Lisa originally grew up in Belleville, Kansas; so she is learning more about Nebraska every year.  Her personal goal is to be a lifelong learner.

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