Sarah Schroeder
  • Bachelor's degree in Mild/Moderate Special Education (K-12) from University of Nebraska - Kearney
  • Master's degree in MS Clinical Mental Health from University of Nebraska - Kearney

Favorite Quote:

"We rise by lifting others" - Robert Ingersoll 

Sarah Schroeder became a member of the ESU 5 staff in 2022 after working in the school system as a special education teacher for 5 years. Sarah works with students ranging from elementary to high school and with staff in schools. Her primary role with students is to assist in navigating challenges/identifying successes as they proceed through their learning years in both one-on-one sessions and through intervening at a systemic level. Sarah feels a systems approach is the most effective way to assist schools in wellness. Sarah is interested in supporting staff in establishing meaningful, compassionate relationships and encouraging students in all areas of wellness. When not working, Sarah enjoys riding horses, cooking, camping, and spending time with friends. Along with her husband, Ethan, Sarah raises two young boys on the family farm as the 6th generation. They spend a lot of time working together and laughing along the way. 


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